Men's 100% Wool Godfather Hats

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New Arrival!  High-Quality 100% Wool Men's Homburg Hat.  Limited Quantities...

Have you considered adding a dress hat to finish your look? The original name for the Godfather Hat is called a Homburg, some people call them Godfathers, others call them Church Hats. It wasn't until Al Pacino wore one in the first Godfather Movie that the name changed. We have these fashionable looking Homburg Hats or Godfather brim hats now in all kinds of bright and bold fashion colors. Putting a homburg hat aka the godfather hat on your head really finishes your look. Our brim hats look and feel fantastic constructed with 100% wool with a full satin lining and leather hatband sewn inside. Made in the USA.   

  • Fit: Regular Fit
  • Color: Black. Off-White, Tan, Red
  • Style: Homburg Brim Godfather
  • Size: S, M, L, XL 

*Please use the size chart below to determine your hat size