3-Layer Disposable Protective Face Masks

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3-Layer Disposable Protective Face Masks - foodgles-supermarkets

Disposable 3-Layer Surgical Masks For the Protection Of Viruses! 


The triple-layer protection allows you to safely grocery shop, pick up food, and talk to others while keeping you and those within talking distance safe.  Available in a 5-pack, 10-pack, or 15-pack.


1. High-quality material that is breathable and comfortable. 
2. Highly effective 3-layer system that filters out dust and bacteria.
3. Ultrasonic welding technology makes them strong.
4. Using this design can be worn for long periods of time.
5. Double aluminum adjustable strip design, conforms better for a
    snug fit.
Item Type: Disposable Mask
Color: Blue
Product Material: Non-woven Fabric
Package Includes:
Qty: 5 Pack, 10 Pack or 20 Pack