Chesapeake Crab Cakes, 2 ounce -- 24 per case

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Chesapeake Crab Cakes

The Phillips Frozen Chesapeake Crab Cakes will make a great addition to seafood menus. The crab cakes are packed with sweet crab meat, and flavored with the creamy Maryland-style mix of mayonnaise, mustard, breadcrumbs, Worcestershire, and lemons. Finished with a touch of butter, these Chesapeake crab cakes cook to an appetizing golden-brown color. Convenient and time-saving, the crab cakes can be pan-fried or baked. The bulk case includes 24 packs.

Crab Cakes

  • Ready-to-cook crab cakes
  • Contains crustacean shellfish, eggs, fish (Anchovies), wheat, and their derivates
  • Keep frozen for later use
  • 2 oz. (57 g) each
  • 24 crab cakes per case
Chesapeake Style Crab Cakes 2 oz
Preparation instruction: Pan Fry from Thawed: 1. Heat 2 Tbsp. oil per cake in the pan over medium-high heat. 2. Carefully add crab cakes to the pan, cook 3 minutes. 3. Flip cakes, reduce heat to medium, and cook an additional 3-4 minutes until golden brown. Bake from Frozen: 1. Preheat oven to 400°F. 2. Place cakes on a lightly buttered baking sheet. 3. Bake for 7 minutes, flip, and bake additional 2-4 minutes until golden brown. 4. Crab cakes are finished when they reach an internal temperature of 165 ºF.


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