Avanti Uomo Unique French Cuff Dress Shirt Set

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Avanti Uomo men's french cuff dress shirts are for the fashion-forward man, which coincidentally is the meaning of Avanti Uomo in Italian. It means "leading man" and the name is a great description for what you receive when you wear fashion dress shirts with the Avanti Uomo label. You're going to find the very latest fashion fabrics with patterns and colors and see fashion features like fancy shirt cuffs with either double buttons or french cuffs combined with fancy style shirt collars that will contrast with the body of an Avanti Uomo shirt. 


 Avanti Uomo Men's 100% cotton french cuff dress shirt comes in a varied pattern and includes a tie, hanky and cuff links. These unique dress shirts are the perfect, modern shirt to tie together any fashion or executive outfit!

  • 100% Cotton
  • French Cuffs 
  • Tie + Hankie + Cuff Links