ANGEL by Thierry Mugler Eau De Parfum Spray Refillable 3.4 oz for Women

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Not every perfume is as painstakingly created as this one. Only the best are created by experts in laboratories and tested repeatedly until perfect. One such brand of perfume is Angel.  


Discover the celestial, delicious, and fearless power of ANGEL Eau de Parfum. Each facet of this fragrance triggers a different emotion and launches you into a sensation wilder than dreams. The brightness of bergamot ignites your senses, while the fantasy of cotton candy sparks sweet, playful memories. This unique cocktail is counterbalanced by the energy of patchouli leaf, for a fearless, long-lasting impression.

  • Fragrance Family:
  • Warm & Spicy
  • KEYNOTES: Bergamot Accord, Cotton Candy, Patchouli Leaf
  • HOW TO USE: As with all Mugler creations, spray a cloud in the air and then cross it to let the fragrance settle on hair and clothes.  Complete this gesture, whenever you want, by applying the fragrance to pulse points