Full Face Adjustable Protective Shields (4 pack)

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Get the best adjustable flexible face shield that easily wraps around the contours of your forehead–protecting the front and sides of your face. 

Material: PET & Foam
Color: Clear-Fully Transparent
Size: 29*25cm (L*W)
Quantity: 4pcs


1. Anti-fog, anti-splash full-face protection.
2. Effectively protect your entire face from viruses, dust, and saliva.
3. The protective mask uses a highly transparent and PBA Safe.
4. Adjustable elastic strap for a comfortable fit.
5. Thick foam head strip
6. One size fits all.
7. The product is intended for single use.
8. As desired, the product can be cleaned with bleach, ammonia, or peroxide wipes without streaking or discoloring.

9. Easily accommodates eyeglasses and protective goggles.

Package Includes:  
2x Protective Shields

*Note: User to make your own determination whether to discard after usage or disinfect and reuse after each usage.